Mapping the Media

Most consumers of media, naturally, have a perception of the news media that suits their take on the world. They project, as we all do, certain values on to the news media that may or may not be true....and who cares?

However, if your intention is to use the media to promote your ideas or ideals, or if you depend on the news media to tell accurately your story to the world, it may pay to step back and take a skeptical view on this seemingly incontrollable monster that we call the media.

Click here for a longish essay that is an amalgam of several addresses that I have made on utilising the strengths and weaknesses of the news gathering machine


Anonymous said...

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Carl Joecks said...

I had to smile when I saw the title Public Speaking Treasure Chest. When I was Jr. High School I joined the speech team and took part in debate and other speech contests. My parents,thiking that it would be helpful gave me a book called The Public Speakers Treasure Chest, by Herbert V. Peocnow. It was a collection of jokes and introductions that were so lame I could never use them. I enjoyed your site and feel you make some good points. There is nothing like the school of hard knocks to make you work harder.

carl joecks

Mondodes said...

Nice to hear from you Carl...glad you found some of the essays useful.

Hard Knocks are the only way to really learn and change eh?



Anonymous said...

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